Game Time

TWO 16-minute halves, running time until final 2 minutes in each half. (Rules specific for: Middle School & High School)

TWO 20-minute halves, running time until final 2 minutes in each half. (Rules Specific for: Men’s & Women’s Unlimited)

Overtime will be 3 minutes. After 2 overtimes, we will either go to 1-minute overtime or sudden death, depending on time/schedule.

Time outs

Each team will be allowed 5 timeouts per game (3) 60 second timeouts, (2) 30 second timeouts . One additional timeout will be added per team for each overtime.

Bonus Shooting

Shoot 1 & 1 on the 7th team foul. Teams will shoot 2 shots on the 10th team foul. (Rules specific for: Boys Middle School Division, Boys High School Division & Men’s Unlimited).

Shoot 2 on the 5th team foul. (Rules Specific for: Girls High School & Women’s Unlimited)

Game Play

3 minute warm-up and a 2 minute half-time. Game ball chosen by referees.

Personal Fouls

A player is disqualified after 6 fouls in all divisions..

Mercy Rules

If a team is winning by more than 20 points in the final 2 minutes, running time will occur until the lead falls below 20 points.

Game Ball

Girls divisions or boys division 6th grade or younger will use a 28.5 basketball, women’s basketball, unless both teams agree to play with men’s basketball. All other age groups will use a normal men’s basketball.

Free Throws

In the lane on the release of FT shot.

Girls Tournaments

Will use :10 back court. Use of 28.5 ball.


All Divisions are gender specific – boys play in boys games and girls play in girls games.


If a coach gets a technical foul, (s)he will have to sit on the bench the remainder of the game. Two technical and the coach will have to leave the park/gymnasium. If a coach gets thrown out of the game, he will not be allowed to coach in the following game. If a player gets ejected from a game, that player will be suspended for the next game, no exceptions. If a player is involved in a fight, they will be suspended from the tournament.

Bench Personnel

Only the competing team players, Head Coach and up to (2) assistant coaches are allowed on the bench. All other coaches, stat keepers, players, fans, etc are not allowed to sit on the bench.


Please see protest rules in separate document at each site, but all teams are expected to have proof of age with them at the tournament in the form of birth certificate or issued ID. Age cut off is June 1st. i.e. a player in the 14u division cannot turn 15 prior to June 1st. Middle School Division 12u-14u are AGE-based. 9th-12th are GRADE based. Should a player turn 15 during the tournament he will still be allowed to play.

Pressing/Zone Def

Pressing is allowed for all divisions. Additionally, no pressing in any division if the lead is 20 points or more for winning team.

Player Participation

A player is allowed to play on a 2nd team only if it meets the following criteria: playing UP an age level. A player cannot play on two teams within the same age division. 3PBL needs to be notified of this prior to the tournament via email.


Players are NOT eligible to participate in the playoffs unless they played in a minimum of 3 regular season games. A teams roster can be larger than 10 players, however only 10 players are permitted to play at a time.

Team/Fan Conduct

3PBL expects all players, coaches, parents, spectators, and staff to act in an appropriate manner. If a situation arises 3PBL staff may remove a person from the site. We ask the coaches to work together with our staff to ensure THEIR fans act appropriately.

Game Start Time

If a team is running late, they will be allowed a 15-minute grace period before forfeiting the game, unless opposing coach/3PBL agrees for longer period.