Shirod Ince

3PBL FOUNDER, Shirod Ince

Shirod Ince has had a passion for basketball since an early age.  Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, he moved to Manhattan when his mom found better opportunities in the city. Basketball became a means to stay off the streets as well as build camaraderie with friends in his school and his neighborhood and others around the city.  Since discovering his love for the game, Shirod has been on a quest to give back to the youth providing them with opportunities both on and off the court. Shirod's goal is to provide a high quality sports league for both youth & adults to participate in as well as instill his values of the 3P's PURPOSE, POISE & PASSION.


After successfully hosting 3PBL in the summer of 2016 Shirod looks forward to the continued success of providing a high quality basketball league for many years to come for all participants.