What is 3PBL?

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3PBL is a basketball league that has been ongoing since 2016. There are 3 points of emphasis that we are established by and encourage our participants to follow. Purpose (a person's sense of resolve or determination) , Poise (composure and dignity of manner)  and Passion (an intense desire or enthusiasm for something). 

Henry Street Settlement is a non-for-profit that sponsors 3PBL and opens doors of opportunity to enrich lives and enhance human progress for Lower East Side residents and New Yorkers through social services, arts and health care programs. To find out more about the available programs offered by Henry Street visit Henrystreet.org

3PBL Founder and League Manager, Shirod Ince has many goals for the participants of his league. His main goal is for participants to emulate the 3P's both on and off the court so they are able to apply them in any situation. He would also like for participants to be healthy, be active and be productive. He has provided an equal opportunity for all participants to be competitive while they enhance their skills and gain knowledge from each other as well as from coaches during their time within the league.

Check out our leagues, highlights, standings, statistics, shop and more. Tune in to watch our games at Henry M. Jackson Park (317 Henry Street New York NY 10002).

Keep up with the 3P's wherever you go @3PBLEAGUE on Twitter and Instagram.

Purpose x Poise x Passion